Let’s Face It: Downtown Bloomington Has A Safety Problem.

Early this fall, out-of-state IU student Joseph DiBenedetto published an online petition requesting that Mayor Hamilton “put an end to the homeless people in Peoples Park in Bloomington.” [1] The petition drew nearly 700 supporters, many of whom left public comments expressing concern about the safety of college students who pass the park late at night as they travel to and from Kilroy’s and other bars.


A couple weeks ago, IUSA Congress passed a resolution articulating its members’ intent to “work closely with the City of Bloomington in order to address the rising concerns of aggressive panhandling in and surrounding the Indiana University campus.” Echoing rhetoric from Bloomington’s Safe and Civil City Program, the resolution cites a handful of “arrests of people without permanent address” during a three-week period in September and recognizes “concerns of safety and civility.” [2]


Both documents promote the notion that our city government ought to relocate folks from the park to some as-yet-unspecified elsewhere. [3] Maybe that sounds to you like a reasonable initiative; maybe you, too, find yourself feeling uneasy around Peoples Park.


Have you asked yourself why? Continue to full article >>


Article featured on, Nov. 14, 2016.


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